Yuen Biao

Yuen Biao is perhaps best known as the "Little Brother" of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. His career, while perhaps not as stellar as his classmates, has endured with a cult like following among his fans.

Fans of Biao marvel at his acrobatic abilities. One only has to watch the fight in "Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars" in the warehouse where he jumps off of a packing crate and does some of the most amazing moves caught on film! Everytime I watch this scene my hand is on the remote to rewind to watch it again!

Sammo directed Biao in many of his most famous movies and the action created when the two of them collaborated is electric. Some of their best collaborations are "The Prodigal Son" (which Hong Kong film expert Bey Logan says has the best fight scenes in kung fu film history), "The Millionaire's Express", and "Dragons Forever".

Some of his recent films include the Jackie Chan/Michael Hui comedy "Rob-B-Hood" and Action Director of Jackie Chan's "Shanghai Noon".

Biao can mostly be seen in Hong Kong television these days and he divides his time between Hong Kong and Canada.