Jet Li

Jet Li was born Li Lian-jie in Beijing, China and started studying the Chinese art of Wushu at the age of eight. Wushu is the Chinese term for martial arts and generally consists of martial arts for competition and exhibition. Jet was the National Champion several times and was selected to be part of the touring team that famously visited the US and performed in front of US President Richard Nixon.

Jet entered the film business in Mainland China in the film "Shaolin Temple" and continued with several sequels to this film. Eventually he found his way to Hong Kong and starred in Tsui Hark's landmark Once Upon a Time in China films as legendary Chinese hero Wong Fei Hung, and in Corey Yuen's films playing another legendary Chinese hero named Fong Sai Yuk.

In 1998 he was asked to play a bad guy in the US film "Lethal Weapon 4". Cory Yuen choregraphed Jet's fights and this film brought him to the attention of US producers.

Some of his more recent US films include "Romeo Must Die", "The One", and "War".

Jet returned to his roots to once again play a legendary Chinese hero in the film "Fearless". Jet played martial arts master Huo Yuanjia. This film was reported to be Jet's final traditional martial arts film.

More recently he has worked with Andy Lau in "The Warlords" and Jackie Chan in "The Forbidden Kingdom, as well as a new entry into the US "Mummy" film franchise.

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