Sam Hui

Known as the "Father of Canto-Pop", Sam Hui first gained popularity in the late 60's as lead singer with the band "The Lotus", which did covers of American and British songs.

In the 70's, Sam teamed with his older brothers Michael and Ricky to produce Cantonese comedy both in films and television. Sam also wrote and performed the music in Cantonese for the films. Both the lyrics and the films themselves were about issues relating to the average man in Hong Kong. The songs were released prior to the opening of the film and served as marketing for the film.

Sam continued to act in films and perform in concert after the Hui brothers took a break from acting together. Sam starred with Karl Maka in the hugely popular "Aces Go Places" series of movies, where he showcased his martial arts prowess.

The Hui Brothers reunited in 1990 for the movie "The Front Page" and Sam appeared in movies such as "The Swordsman" and "Dragon from Russia". His most recent film appearance was as an aging swindler in the movie "Winner Takes All" in 2000.

Sam "retired" from the entertainment world in 1992 with a farewell concert, but returned to performing in 2004. He still tours and records, with his latest album being released in late 2007.

His son Ryan is a musician with his own band. Ryan also appears on stage at his father's concerts.