Michael Hui

Michael Hui and his brothers Sam and Ricky are credited with popularizing Cantonese comedies in Hong Kong. Before the heyday of the Hui brothers any comedies being made were usually in Mandarin. Since most of the population of Hong Kong speaks Cantonese, Mandarin comedies didn't translate well to the Hong Kong moviegoer.

Michael appeared in serveral Mandarin Shaw Brothers movies in the early 70's but really made his mark when he and his brothers brought their popular comedy from TV to the big screen at the Golden Harvest Studio.

"Games Gamblers Play", "The Private Eyes", and "The Contract", were wildly popular since the average Hong Konger could relate not only to the language but the working class situations in the films. Michael wrote and directed these movies. The last collaboration of the brothers was in "Security Unlimited" in 1981 for which Michael won that year's Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor award.

Michael went on to star in such films as "Teppanyaki", "Mr. Coconut", and "Chicken and Duck Talk" (alongside brother Ricky and a cameo by Sam). The brothers reunited in the 1990 film "Front Page".

Recently Michael has been seen in the Jackie Chan/Louis Koo film "Rob-B-Hood" and hosted the first season of the Hong Kong version of the TV game show "Deal or No Deal".