Ti Lung

Fans of Shaw Brothers films from the 70's will recognize this trademark Ti Lung image - shirt off, sword in hand. Ti Lung starred in many Shaw Brothers films during the 70's with frequent co-star David Chiang.

Director Chang Cheh, who teamed Ti Lung with David Chiang in many of their early films, decided to leave Shaw Brothers for a time and produce movies at his own company in Taiwan. David and Ti left with him and traded directing and starring roles in many movies.

Ti eventually returned to Shaws and starred in such films as "The Convict Killer", "The Sentimental Swordsman" series, and several films with Alexander Fu Sheng including "The Brave Archer".

Ti Lung is perhaps best known to modern film fans for his role as Jackie Chan's father in "Drunken Master 2" and Chow Yun Fat's friend and Leslie Cheung's brother in "A Better Tomorrow". Ti has said that he used his relationship with Fu Sheng as the basis for his protrayal of Leslie's Cheung's brother in both parts 1 and 2 of "A Better Tomorrow".