David Chiang

David Chiang was (along with Ti Lung) Shaw Brother's studios most famous star during the 1970's and 80's. Chiang was often paired with Ti Lung in wuxia-based swordplay epics or 70's "misunderstood youth" pictures. Both actors were favorites of director Chang Cheh.

David came from a theatrical family. Both parents were famous actors and his brothers Paul Chin and Derek Yee are also famous Hong Kong actors and directors. David started out as a stuntman for Shaw Brothers and then went on to star in such films as "Blood Brothers", "Have Sword Will Travel", and "Vengeance" (for which he won a Best Actor award at the 16th Asian Film Festival). David is sometimes billed as "John Chiang" or "John Keung", Chiang being the Mandarin pronounciation of his last name and Keung being the Cantonese.

Modern Hong Kong film fans may know Chiang best as Sun Yat Sen's revolutionary cohort in the Tsui Hark film "Once Upon a Time in China 2". He also was seen recently in Johnnie To's 2005 film "Election" and shows up regularly in Hong Kong television series.